Static services

In addition to the above mentioned drilling, breaking, cutting and sanding services we also offer the service of testing the evaluation of the object statics

Demolition object services

We offer a complete or partial demolition of object. We are able to completely smash objects and handle it appropriately.

Diamond cutting cable

We offer reinforced concetrate cutting with round high quality diamond wire seals. This way we are able to do the following:

Concrete Cutting

Cutting is performed horizontally, vertically, on the slopes, without vibrations and damage to surrounding structures. After cutting, the cross section remains flat and there is no need to invest in further processing. Cutting is possible from 1 cm to 100 cm. We offer cutting for doors, windows, openings for stairways, elevator holes, etc.

Other services

We offer removal od waste materials, renting a generator up to 100kW, carbon reinforcement bars, structural services, reinforcements with metal structures, drilling with electric picamer, complete landscaping, making parapets, placement of concrete blocks, etc.

Breaking Concrete

We offer professional services in breaking of concrete and rocks with hydraulic presses, as well as excavation and removal of residual materials.

Concrete Drilling

Drilling is performed with diamond cutters and watering.The water is immediately removed with a special water cleaner. In this way, there are no vibrations, dust or additional adjustment of walls by drilling by hand. Since the water is immediately removed these operations can be performed in furnished rooms with floor laminate, parquet, tiles, etc. The thickness of possible penetration is from 4 mm to 1500 mm

Grinding and milling of concrete

We also offer a service of leveling concrete and other hard surfaces, fine trimming, processing, milling. Our top professional service includes smoothing and procesing all types of concrete, asphalt and stone surfaces, as well asbricks, without any dust or damage, all with specialized machinery. 


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